Tickle Me Fancy!

In costume

A light-hearted tour of amusing songs from the last 300 years, from jolly British ditties to Colonial romps to Civil War-era whimsies. Join Diane as she roams through the centuries with music that lifted spirits and helped people survive challenging times.

This program is ideal for those who may harbor the suspicion that history is boring. There will be much merriment as we enjoy earthy songs that made our forefathers and foremothers smile. The health benefits of laughter are well-documented, so if you offer refreshments of red wine and dark chocolate, we should all live forever!

Diane performs in traditional clothing and plays lap dulcimer and guitar.

The songs include:

- Home Came I (1600s)
- The Game of Cards (1700s)
- Whistle, Daughter (1700s)
- The Fair Maid Sailor (1700s)
- Three Drunken Maidens (1700s)
- Yankee Doodle (1700s)
- The Blue-Tail Fly (1840)
- Matilda Toots (1855)
- Goober Peas (1860)
- Maids, When You're Young, Never Wed an Old Man (eternal)

"Thank you for your beautiful performance at the Bidwell House! You were even better than last year, which was a tough act to beat. I heard from every person how much they enjoyed the afternoon and how the combination of your storytelling and explanations and then your beautiful voice singing the songs was just perfect.
Please come back again!"

-- Barbara Palmer, The Bidwell House Museum, Monterey MA (2012)