The Horseless Carriage

Explore the long history of vehicles powered by wind, steam, electricity, and gasoline, from two-masted wind carriages in the 1600s to the Stanley Steamer and the Model T. Along the way we hear some of the many songs written about the automobile, including a romance from 1915 in which a Packard and a Ford fall in love and raise a family of Buicks. Diane reveals fascinating details, such as the first repossession of a motor vehicle, the quirky joys of driving a flivver, and tales of Edsels, hot-rod Lincolns, and little red Corvettes.

Songs include:

The Buchan Turnpike, about the 1808 creation of a level, smooth road in Scotland, a boon to travelers.

The Stanley Steamer, about the windblown thrills of a steam-powered car in the early 1900s.

In My Merry Oldsmobile, from 1905, one of a long line of songs about the romantic results of going for a spin.

The Little Ford Rambled Right Along, praising the indestructibility of the Model T.

The Packard and the Ford and their brood of little Buicks.

Get Your Kicks on Route 66, in praise of the iconic Mother Road, the way to the Golden West.

Lord, Mr. Ford, a look at the unintended consequences of automobile ownership for everyone, absolutely everyone.

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