The Horseless Carriage

Explore the long history of vehicles powered by wind, steam, electricity, and gasoline, from two-masted wind carriages in the 1600s to the Stanley Steamer and the Model T. Along the way we hear some of the many songs written about the automobile, including a romance from 1915 in which a Packard and a Ford fall in love and raise a family of Buicks. Diane reveals fascinating details, such as the first repossession of a motor vehicle, the quirky joys of driving a flivver, and tales of Edsels, hot-rod Lincolns, and little red Corvettes.

Songs include:

The Buchan Turnpike, about the 1808 creation of a level, smooth road in Scotland, a boon to travelers.

The Stanley Steamer, about the windblown thrills of a steam-powered car in the early 1900s.

In My Merry Oldsmobile, from 1905, one of a long line of songs about the romantic results of going for a spin.

The Little Ford Rambled Right Along, praising the indestructible nature of the Model T.

The Packard and the Ford and their brood of little Buicks.

Hot Rod Lincoln, a classic race between a souped-up Model A and a Cadillac.

Little Red Corvette, yes, that one.

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