Come to the Fair!

Fairs, usually held at harvest time, have long been ways for people to conduct business and enjoy food and drink, singing and dancing, and entertainments beyond the everyday drudgery of life. They still bring people together to admire prize-winning livestock and massive pumpkins.

Fair scene

In past centuries fairs attracted people from far away who brought news, gossip, and songs. We'll hear about the celebrations and concerns of the lads and lasses who mingled among the sheep and pumpkins.

In the past job fairs helped people find positions, and romance was always a possibility. Dressed in her best fair-going duds, Diane explores what went on in a temporary world where the usual rules did not quite apply.

The songs include:

- Scarborough Fair

- Lads o' the Fair

- Barnet Fair

- She Moved Through the Fair

- Copshawholme Fair

- Rattlin' Roarin' Willie

- Our State Fair

- The Kid

- Widecombe Fair

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"Thank you for your beautiful performance at the Bidwell House! You were even better than last year, which was a tough act to beat. I heard from every person how much they enjoyed the afternoon and how the combination of your storytelling and explanations and then your beautiful voice singing the songs was just perfect.
Please come back again!"

-- Barbara Palmer, The Bidwell House Museum, Monterey MA (2012)