People From the Past

Having a party, reception, or conference event? Diane will be happy to attend as an historical personage, in authentic clothing, and interact with your guests, telling them about her life and times. She can also come as an average person from a certain time period. And as Mrs. Santa Claus, she adds much merriment to holiday gatherings, recounting recent mischief-making by elves, reindeer, and her jolly old spouse.

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Abigail Adams, 1776

Martha Washington, 1800

Mrs. Santa Claus, 1850

Clara Barton, 1860

Louisa May Alcott, 1870

Susan B. Anthony, 1880

Hepzibah Persnicket, 1890

Emmeline Shortsleeve, 1900

Vivian Glade, 1920

Fees are flexible, depending on travel and length of event.

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Diane with English Guitar