Diane Taraz
Rockin' Out on Star Island

© 2020 Diane Taraz, Raisin Pie Music (BMI)
Recorded and mastered by Larry Luddecke at Straight Up Music in Arlington, Mass.
Graphics and production by Diane Taraz. Photos by John Shriver.

1. Rockin' Out on Star Island
2. Chickens and Bears
3. The Sea-Serpent of Cape Ann
4. Your Truest Friend
5. The Sandpiper
6. What Is the Wind?
7. Your Birthday Song
8. Why, Oh Why, Are There Mosquitoes?
9. Good-Bye, Sweet Day!
10. Lift Up Your Lanterns
11. Normandy
12. Silver the Moon

Diane Taraz vocals, harmonies, guitar, dulcimer

Larry Luddecke keyboard

Peter Tillotson bass, tuba

Bronwyn Keith-Hynes fiddle

Billy Novick whistle

John Yannis piano, Good-bye, Sweet Day!

Stingy Lapel hand drum

harmonies on Sea-Serpent of Cape Ann
John Hodges, Chris Jones, Andy Kobayashi, Andrew Leonard, Jean Renard Ward

Silver the Moon: Roger Kimball, cello; John Taraskiewicz, bass