Diane Taraz
A Silver Dagger:
    Exploring Women's History Through Folk Songs

© 2008 Diane Taraz, Raisin Pie Music (BMI)
Recorded and mixed by Larry Luddecke at Straight Up Music, Arlington MA
Produced by Diane Taraz

1. Silver Dagger
2. Whistle, Daughter
3. The Trees They Do Grow High
4. A Brisk Young Sailor
5. The Rantin' Dog / Hishie Ba'
6. My Johnny Was a Shoemaker
7. Johnny Be Fair
8. Fair Maid Sailor
9. Doffin' Mistress
10. The Factory Girl's Come-All-Ye
11. Sorry, the Day I Was Married
12. Never Wed an Old Man
13. Waly, Waly
14. The Low Lands of Holland
15. Susannah Martin
16. Katy Cruel

Musicians: Diane Taraz vocals, guitar, dulcimer; Larry Luddecke whistling.