Diane Taraz
More Songs of the Revolution

© 2023 Diane Taraz, Raisin Pie Music (BMI)
Recorded and mastered by John Shriver.
Produced by Diane Taraz.

1. Katy Cruel
2. New England's Annoyances
3. The Lord to Me a Shepherd Is
4. The Girl I Left Behind Me
5. Blue Cap for Me
6. Nottingham Ale
7. The Anacreontic Song
8. O, What Pain It Is to Part
9. The Little Barley-Corne
10. Cold and Raw
11. Hedger and Ditcher
12. Ye Boundless Realms of Joy
13. Banish Sorrow
14. Begone, Sweet Night
15. The Battle of the Kegs
16. The Gloucestershire Wassail
17. The Ballad of Deborah Samson

Diane Taraz
vocals, English guitar, Taylor guitar, keyboard bass, harpsichord, dulcimer, drum, rhythm instruments
Laurie Francis and John Yannis, vocals
Dave Langford, fiddle
John Shriver, tankard-waver, suave bovine

Recorded by John Shriver in our living room using Audacity on an MacBook Air M1, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, and Triton Audio FetHead preamps.