Diane Taraz
Let's Misbehave!

© 2017 Diane Taraz, Raisin Pie Music (BMI)
Recorded and mastered by Eric Kilburn at Wellspring Sound in Acton, Massachusetts.
Produced by Diane Taraz.

1. Let's Misbehave!
2. Georgia On My Mind
3. Hello! Ma Baby / I Want to Be Happy
4. Something to Love
5. Million-Dollar Baby
6. God Bless the Child
7. The Coffee Song
8. Why, Oh Why, Are There Mosquitoes?
9. Wonderful World / Cupid / Johnnie B. Goode
10. Quel-qu'un Pour Me Protéger
11. Angel From Montgomery
12. Ain't Misbehavin'

Diane Taraz, vocals, guitar, dulcimer, rhythm, cowbell, effects
Billy Novick, clarinet, tenor sax
Larry Luddecke, piano
Peter Tillotson, bass, Sousaphone
Mike Duke, guitar
Bill Reynolds, drums
Eric Kilburn, mandolin, 1922 banjolin
The ringer on "Hello! Ma Baby" is a 1935 Western Electric 315H subscriber set, courtesy collection of John Shriver.