Diane Taraz
Gathered Safely In

© 1996 Diane Taraz, Raisin Pie Music (BMI)
Recorded at Wellspring Sound, Concord MA / Mixed by Eric Kilburn & Huck Bennert
Produced by Diane Taraz
  1. Now
  2. Lookin' for Trouble
  3. Gathered Safely In
  4. Black is the Color
  5. Close on Air
  6. Full Moon Tonight
  7. Grace
  8. Il Est Né, Le Divin Enfant
  9. The Rantin' Dog / Hishie Ba'
  10. Cold Bee
  11. Heard It Through the Grapevine
  12. Twelve to One
  13. Corinthians
  14. Normandy
  15. All Through the Night

Musicians: Diane Taraz vocals, guitar, dulcimer, percussion; Seth Connelly bass, mandolin; Phil Edmonds whistle; David Poland fiddle; David Rosen bones; Jim Smith drums, percussion; Kevin McIsaac, Debbie Ross, John Taraskiewicz vocals; Chris Turner harmonica, jaw-harp.