Vivian Glade

In costume

Add a kindly, lively visitor from the 1920s to your next party or gathering. Vivian Glade is a charming presence as she interacts with guests. She chats about current events, such as the recent end of the Great War, and the changing times as women bob their hair and escape their corsets. She also marvels at the many new-fangled inventions of her day, such as the bicycle, the automobile, the dirigible, and the telephone.

Hepzibah is particularly enamored of the new musical styles, jazz and ragtime. She will delight your guests with a snippet or two of the latest hits. She herself is not a flapper, but she is amused and amazed to watch younger folks adopt the vibrant new ways of dancing. She does not pack a hip flask, but she is starting to give it some thought, as a little nip now and then could certainly ease her lumbago.

Enjoy an evening with Vivian. Your guests will treasure their time with her, and remember her fondly.