Miss Hepzibah Persnicket
(now you know better than to ask a lady's age!)

Miss Hepzibah visits from the late Victorian era, when ladies were exquisitely proper even when they had the hiccups. She will elevate the moral tone of any gathering to which she is invited, although she does have a sense of fun and loves to giggle behind her lace hankie.

Miss Pernicket marvels at the oddities of modern-day life, which she finds in turn intriguing, suspicious, appalling, or hilarious. She will be amazed at the fact that you probably have a bathroom right inside the building, and marvel at the most unusual apparel everyone is wearing. Why, most of the women appear to be in their underthings!

One of Hepzibah's favorite joys is to recite limericks. They are, of course, limericks suitable for all ages and sexes, completely hygienic but nonetheless delightfully amusing. She would never compromise her dignity by uttering anything of questionable propriety.

Spend some time with Hepzibah and delight in her antique wonderfulness!